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Airtable Experts

DataCose writes powerful and flexible custom code, unleashing the real power of Airtable to serve as a dashboard and database to make critical business processes happen automatically, saving time and money.

Absolutely amazing, Airtable is our favorite tool. With the addition of Python and JavaScript code, Airtable can do much, much more than what it natively supports. And through public APIs, we can integrate it to work with the other software tools you already depend on.

Our code, custom to your exact business requirements and unique workflow, allows you to harness the full potential of Airtable, achieving so much more than is natively supported off the shelf.

Whether it's automatically scraping and inserting data, processing surveys, or connecting your data to other platforms without native Airtable integrations such as Salesforce, MailChimp, Stripe, Gmail, Twilio, Slack, you name it, we can help completely eliminate a major time and money-sink of repetitive manual digital processes.

Leave Repetition to the Robots.

We free up humans to what they do best, while handing off the tedious repetitive tasks to machines.

Whether you want to automate your inventory system, employee directory, customer relationship management (CRM), custom invoicing, project management, or more, it boils down to very similar processes and code. Talk to one of our experts to find out if you can make your business run like a well-oiled machine by filling out the contact form below:

Benefits of Using Airtable like an Expert

Although Airtable is powerful out the box, its biggest limitations can often be overcome with a little custom code. A little custom code can go a long way to automating more processes than you ever thought possible.

Another benefit of Airtable is that it can serve as both an interface and a database, saving a lot of development time having to code these two from scratch. It is a fantastic tool for both prototyping and production-ready applications and automations.

We believe that automations should be as dynamic as possible, changing a little text shouldn't require editing any code. Because of this, we aim to make everything fully configurable through Airtable, giving you control of your business.

This ultimately saves a lot of time and money as you do not need to code a custom interface from scratch or reach out to a developer later for a simple update. Not to mention the major time and money savings resulting from automating your business.

What Are Some Airtable Use Cases?

Expertly implementing code with Airtable unlocks the possibility to automate valuable tasks in ways that are not natively supported:
  • Automatically sending templated SMS/emails
  • Generating automated:
    • quotes
    • invoices
    • PDFs
  • Scheduling or triggering alerts/reminders
  • Integrating with accounting/bookkeeping software
  • Integrating with inventory management systems for push/pull
  • Integrating with an ecommerce platform like Shopify:
    • Update your product on Airtable and it automatically updates on Shopify through APIs
    • Bulk add products, allowing you to add products 10-20 times faster

Automated Emails

We could write a book about the use cases for Airtable. It really is our favorite tool. Just to give you an idea, let's expand on the first bullet point.

A change of status on your favorite project management software (Asana, ClickUp, Trello, etc.) can send a specific, custom email to a specific person, while you maintain full control of the email template and even variables that you would like to extract and insert in the email message.

Instead of manually updating the status, searching for the template, creating the email, filling in values, going back to Asana to write that it was sent, an employee can flip the status and move on while it happens automagically in the background.

Our code can extract all the right information, craft an email, and either send it automatically or create a draft email and notify an employee to review. After a quick review, all it takes is one click to send.

What previously involved pulling up templates, finding and copying the right information, and finally sending it, can now happen in the background and in a matter of seconds.

Not to mention the time delay and error reduction. An email with “Dear {customer_name}” can cost you a client. And so can forgetting about the email in the first place, through the frenzy of business.

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Real Life Examples

1. Automatically generating reports with a 93% profit margin

A customer orders a PDF report for $15.

Our code checks that their input data is valid, and requests the report from a server through APIs (read: Custom API Integrations) for a cost of $1 per report. It then automatically generates a branded PDF report (read: automatic content generation), and sends an email to the client with the report attached. Then, it marks the order as fulfilled in the client's database and order fulfillment software and adds a line on their bookkeeping software.

If the customer's input data is invalid, it automatically emails the client asking for the correct information and notifies the relevant employee so that they can take over and retrigger the process once the correct information to generate the report has been provided.

Airtable is the intermediary in all of this, and it is through our custom code that they have added a nearly entirely automated additional revenue stream, as well as a valuable complementary service for their clients.

If the client can just sell 10 reports a week that's a staggering $7280 of pure profit in a year from an automation that cost significantly less.

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2. Custom scheduling and notification system (SMS & email)

We love using Airtable for this.

You can edit the content of SMS/email alerts inside of Airtable cells and link them to trigger on specific events, such as a change of status in your project management software, a product being shipped, or even atmospheric pressure reaching an exact number. And you can add other data to your custom messages from tables or columns.

You can specify –and later change –whether an email needs a human to review it before it's sent, or even set a 5-minute delay to check back in case a status was changed by mistake.

You could fine tune exactly when a notification should be sent. For example, exactly 60 minutes before an appointment and if the appointment is at, 9AM you could have it sent the night before aswell. Not only that, but if required, it can even operate across multiple time zones.

What's more, using Airtable as an interface, once the automated system is set up, you can make tweaks to the message content and timings of messages and as your business changes without needing a programmer.

And all of this requires absolutely no coding knowledge. We make intuitive, dynamic interfaces, and are happy to include documentation or easy to read guides that anyone can follow.

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3. Custom email marketing campaign

This is one of our favorite examples.

A business coach had more than 1000 PDF personality assessments completed by prospects over the years.

We built a dashboard in Airtable to allow him to enroll these prospects into a 7-week email marketing campaign where the first and last paragraphs for each week's email were a fixed template that could be updated or edited at any time, too.

Here's the magic bit: our code would go to DropBox, find the person's assessment, and extract specific details from the PDF tailored specifically to them and to their personality. Then it would insert that data into the middle body content of the automatic email.

Each week required extracting a different section in the PDFs. The automation still runs automatically every Sunday evening, enrolling 3 new prospects, sending all of the emails, and then progressing everyone to the next week.

This would have taken a long time to do manually, or lose most of its impact if not using specific insights from each recipient's personal assessments. Leveraging automation he was able to have his cake and eat it too, using his small treasure trove of past assessments to provide value to prospects and drive business in the background.

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4. Ecommerce order fulfillment

Every time an item is purchased on an e-commerce website like Shopify, eBay, or Amazon, the order is automatically imported into Airtable and linked to another table of products for each SKU that was ordered.

Draft emails are automatically generated for the suppliers and by updating a "Status" column in Airtable, emails can be generated for the customers using their specific information.

5. Automatically filling PDFs

A tech-savvy law firm offering help to a wider audience online for vehicle-related services found themselves entering the same customer data into the same PDFs time and time again.

By hosting the PDFs on Airtable, when a new service is purchased, the forms associated with the service (mapped in Airtable) are downloaded from Airtable, filled with data from a form that the customer completed, and then attached to an automatically generated Asana Task for the law firm to work out of.

The task automatically goes to the correct Asana Project and Section based on the order type, writes all required information on the task, and our code also generates automated draft emails to the customer depending on the service ordered.

Benefits of Business Automation Through Airtable

  • Major cost and time savings
  • Increased profits
  • Reduced costs
  • Less time spent on boring or repetitive tasks
  • Faster and cheaper than general purpose automation tools (it's true! Zapier gets expensive quickly, and there's a 15-minute delay for most automations.)
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Increased customer satisfaction

With us, there is no need to worry about vetting a developer or paying them a full time salary. You will write exactly zero lines of code, yet reap the benefits of the most powerful tech companies. We will be here to support and extend what you can do with Airtable long into the successful future of your business as it grows and evolves.

Depending on what you choose to automate, you can also expect to see the following:

  • Better informed business decisions
  • Easier to scale; lower pressure to hire
  • Better team collaboration and allocation
  • Customer data consistency
  • Less data entry
  • Metric visibility
  • Better process and project management
  • More time for business growth
  • More time to spend with customers
  • Increased engagement
  • Improved customer service and relationships
  • Avoiding disruption

What Sets Us Apart?

We are coders at heart. Other Airtable experts are great at what they do but are limited to using Zapier or other off-the-shelf automation tools. Not only are these less flexible, they are muchmore expensive down the line, and are less capable. Without code, it is easy to spend (and bill) for dozens of hours building inelegant workarounds.

Whereas custom code automation is DataCose's bread and butter. Our developers are proficient in Python, JavaScript, APIs, and cloud servers. We have never met or heard of any other Airtable Experts who can code well in these languages –most rely on third-party tools to produce half-baked automations.

With us, once we have built something, you only pay a nominal fee every month which covers our highly-optimized server costs. And there is no limit to the number of automations you can carry out, nor is there a, frankly unnecessary, 15-minute delay. And if business is growing quickly, you will never need to upgrade to some version of Enterprise Pro Platinum Plus and be squeezed out of hundreds due to artificial limitations.

And for us, it is a huge win every time that we can give you variable control, instead of wasting our time (and your money) constantly updating small bits of text.

We understand business, are subject-matter experts, and we thrive on our relationships. Our team comes from global top 25 business and computer science universities and has extensive coding, business, and entrepreneurial experience.

What is Our Client Approach?

If you hire a top-notch photographer it may be just another gig among hundreds for them. But if they do not bring their A-game to your event, it does not matter to you in the slightest that they captured another event beautifully if your pictures are just good enough. Just good enough is not what you wanted, nor what you paid for.

Just as well, we understand that while we have had success the only success that truly matters to you is yours. We are in an industry where trust and repeat business is paramount for success. Which is why we set our own standards sky high for every single project. You are never just a number. And when we work with you, it does not matter if we have had 99 satisfied clients before. The only thing that matters is the work we do for you and its real-life value our work adds to your business.

We've Got You Covered

Small businesses working with us regularly see a monetary return on investment in three to four months after completing the project. In addition to other benefits such as improved customer satisfaction, reduced errors, happier employees, and time saved.

As a business, we have saved our clients more than two years of non-stop, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day work in this year alone. This is the work of 8 full-time employees, allowing business leaders and employees to focus on the critical tasks that only humans can do.

They have saved countless hours and headaches by eliminating their biggest pain points. If there were ever a magic cure for the biggest business problems, it would be technology. Let our experts help you gain a competitive edge to blow out your competition

Why Businesses Choose to Work with Us

Expertise & Flexibility

“I have ideas, DataCose helps refine them and bring them to fruition. But even when I have only a vague idea of what I want,we can use our collective strength to come up with a creative solution.”


“The level of communication is excellent. I've never received anything other than an immediate response to any email.”


“It feels like a partnership. DataCose as a business is run like I'd want to run my business.And that makes me want to work with them. The timeline exceeded my expectations.”


Our team takes security very seriously and follows industry best practices to keep your data locked away from unauthorized users or hackers.

We work meticulously to ensure that your system is protected from risk and perform security measures such as managing authentication, double-checking authorizations, and scrutinizing third parties. Ready to join the digital revolution?

A Cure For Business Pain Points

Airtable is one of our favourite tools, one we work with day in and day out so we know how to solve complex problems with effective and well-tested approaches.

We offer elegant business solutions and automate your tasks through the expert use of Airtable and custom code so you can focus on building your product or business, without being bogged down by the technical details. Our dynamic interfaces are engineered, documented, and tested following the industry best practices for fast time to market, reliability, and flexibility.

See how we can help take your business to the next level by making your workeasier, faster, and more integrated than ever through expert deployment and implementation. Contact us for a FREE consultation today. Do not worry if you do not have a solution in mind or even if you have never used Airtable before. All you need is to know your pain points and we will help with the rest.

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